Are you passionate about the Conflict Management Field? Are you looking to start or grow your business? Imagine doing more of what you love doing and getting paid to do it!  

Hi, my name is Jason Dykstra and I'm in love with the Conflict Management Field.  I've been mediating since 2007 and have had the privilege of serving thousands of clients, assisting them in moving from conflict situations to creative solutions.  I started my business in family mediation, then used that experience to serve clients in the organizational and congregational field.  When I started, I had nothing - just a  few ideas, a supportive family and a work-hard mindset.  Throughout my journey, I've had some great successes and made some significant mistakes.  Through that I want to help you to build a business that you can be proud of as well (and avoid some of the same mistakes that I made!).  


As my business grew, I started getting asked the question - how can I build a successful conflict management business? I got that question so much that I partnered with a colleague to form a 2-day workshop around that very question.  We took that workshop to places across North America and had the privilege and honour to assist mediators, coaches, consultants and other conflict management professionals in giving them a framework that they could use to assist them in building successful practices.  

That question - how can I build a successful conflict management business - intensified and I soon realized that I could serve this field better by transforming that content into an online course.  So I decided to take all the feedback we got through those courses and write out everything I knew about building a conflict management business.  As I sifted through that information I realized that there were three distinct themes that were forming: 

  1. It starts with you
  2. You need a clearly defined market and client
  3. You need a strategy to get your message out there

These three themes worked their way into three courses: Developing Your Core, Developing Your Market, and Developing Your Message.  Each course stands on it's own, however, each course also builds on each other to give you the necessary foundation in which to build a successful business.


What We'll Cover in Each Course

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Developing your Core assists in building your foundation.  It focuses on your businesses biggest asset - You! It dives deep into why you do what you do, the values that you possess that will guide you towards your vision for your business, developing a mindset that sets you up for success, how you deal with complexity and problems that come your way and who you surround yourself with.  It explores the three "C's" that set you up for success - Connection, Complexity and Community.  Here's a breakdown of each piece of the course:  

1.0 - Introduction
2.0 - Connection
2.1 - Building The Foundation
2.2 - Crafting Your Mindset
2.3 - Embracing Autonomy
2.4 - Connecting with your tools and materials
3.0 - Complexity
3.1 - Embracing the Unknown
3.2 - Facing FEAR
4.0 - Community
4.1 - Introduction
4.2 - Mastermind Groups

The three 'C's' are designed to assist you in building a strong foundation in which the rest of your business can be built off of.  

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Developing Your Market dives deep into your target market.  Who is it that allows you to do your best work? It takes you through the PIE model which will assist you in nurturing your existing connections to help build you future.  The better you get to know your ideal clients, the better you know the best services and products you can offer them to give them your best. 

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: PIE Model
Module 3: Identifying Your Target Client
Module 4: Creating Services and Products
Module 5: Referral Sources

This workshop is geared to get you thinking about your ideal market, client, who their referral sources are and what products and services they might benefit most from.  It's all done through the PIE model.  This workshop has been delivered across North America and each time participants remark on how effective and easy this model is to apply to their business.

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Developing your Message introduces you to the Visibility Hub which drives the entire strategy around your message. It explores the three highways that lead you to success and keeps your work flowing.

1.0 - Introduction to the Workshop
2.0 - Marketing Overview
3.0 - Visibility Hub Overview
4.0 - Creating Your Home Base
5.0 - The Written Highway
6.0 - The Network Highway
7.0 - The Spoken Highway

For many people in this field, they are in love with what they do.  They have a deep connection to why they do what they do and are excited to share that with their clients.  This workshop aims to tap into that passion so that you can craft and share your message in a way that attracts more clients to your business.

What People Are Saying

As I mentioned before, we've travelled across North America presenting this material to mediators, judges, attorneys, coaches and all other forms of conflict management professionals.  I've taken some of that material, made some changes based on the feedback we've gotten and thrown in many more resources and information to assist you to grow your business.  These courses have specifically been modified so that you can walk through each one at your own pace, wherever you're located in the world. 

There are articles, videos, and worksheets for you to digest as you work through the material to ensure that you get the most out of this workshop.  But don't worry! If you have questions or comments along the way - you won't be alone! I'm always just an email away and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about the material.

When you take these courses you'll see how much I love this field and I want to see if grow! I firmly believe that if we all are achieving more success in our own businesses, that together we can build a healthier, larger Conflict Management field.  When I was presenting this workshop we were charging about $750.00.  However, I want to make sure that this is affordable for you so that you can start doing more of what you love and get paid for it.  That's why I've listed these workshops for such a low price.  Each course - Developing Your Core, Developing Your Market and Developing Your Message - is only $125.00.  So if you feel that you only need some guidance in one particular area of your business...go ahead and just invest in one of the courses.  

Each course, though, is built on each other.  By developing your core and articulating your why, your values and developing a great mindset will serve as a great foundation for the rest of the work you need to do.  Once you've created that solid foundation, it will make it easier for you to develop your market, identify your ideal client and create specific products and services around that knowledge.  By identifying that target market will help you immensely when you are developing your message and strategically thinking about the best way to get the word out there to the right people.  That's why I've bundled the three courses into what I'm calling - Developing Your Business.  Get all three courses at once and you'll save $75.00! 

If you still have questions that you need answered before deciding to invest in yourself and your business then contact me and I'll see to it that your questions get answered.  Otherwise...what are you waiting for? Invest in yourself and your business and join with me so that we can get busy building a healthier Conflict Management Field! 


So impressed with how clear this course was to navigate.  The mixed-media format allowed me to learn using a variety of techniques.  The videos were quick and easily digestible concepts, that could quickly be incorporated into the workplace.  The supportive written material encouraged introspection and change.  All-in-all, informative course in approachable packaging.

~Clare Fowler of Fowler Mediation

Inspiring, thought provoking.  A definite must for those entrepreneurs out there! 


The material we covered and the processes we used to cover it were thought provoking with tangible practical applications. The frameworks I have learned will support my business formation effectively.


Developing Your Core

Connection to self, tools and materials

Embrace Complexity

Surround yourself with the right Community

Developing Your Market

Identify Your Ideal Client

Know what services or products your clients are looking for

Find your referral sources

Developing Your Message

Create a strategy that works for you

Explore three different "highways" to drive business

Get your services known to your target market