The key to building a successful business starts at it's core.  You.  You are your products and services.  You are what your clients are buying.  There's an old parable that speaks to the foolish person building their house upon the sand and the wise person building their house upon the rocks.  When the storm came in, the person that built their house upon the shifting sand had their house destroyed, but the person who built their house on the solid rock weathered the storm without any difficulty.  The same is with your business - if you take the time to build a rock solid foundation...the rest is easy.  This workshop takes you through the three 'C's' of a rock solid foundation - Connection, Complexity, and Community.  

How It Works

You login and take the workshop at your own pace.  There are videos, articles and worksheets for you to go through to ensure that you get the most out of this workshop.  Got questions or comments as you go? No problem! We can chat via email to make sure those questions get answered and those comments listened to.

What We'll Cover

1.0 - Introduction
2.0 - Connection
2.1 - Building The Foundation
2.2 - Crafting Your Mindset
2.3 - Embracing Autonomy
2.4 - Connecting with your tools and materials
3.0 - Complexity
3.1 - Embracing the Unknown
3.2 - Facing FEAR
4.0 - Community
4.1 - Introduction
4.2 - Mastermind Groups

Our first C - Connection - dives deep into our connection with ourselves and our tools and materials.  This section will assist in articulating your why, defining your guiding values and start you thinking about some of the most important questions that your business needs.  

The second C - Complexity - asks you an important question - what happens when you are faced with the unknown? How can we embrace it? Face our fears to overcome it? Move past it and become comfortably uncomfortable.  

The third C - Community - explores who you surround yourself with and what do you need to be able to get the supports and accountability that you need.  

  • Inspiring, thought provoking. A definite must for those entrepreneurs out there!
    Mary - workshop participant
Developing Your Core

Connection to self, tools and materials

Embrace Complexity

Surround yourself with the right Community

Developing Your Business Combo

Developing Your Core - Building your foundation

Developing Your Market - Identifying your target client

Developing Your Message - How you can spread the word

This workshop is one part of a two-day workshop that I have run with dispute resolution professionals from across the United States and Canada.  Each workshop, I start with this material - Developing Your Core - because it sets the stage for everything else.  Your successes and failures rest solely on your shoulders, so let's make sure that we know how to deal with them before we even encounter them.  

Developing Your Business

Developing Your Business is comprised of three workshops - Developing Your: 

  • Core
  • Market
  • Message

Each workshop is built on each other.  Developing your Core assists in building your foundation.  It dives deep into why you do what you do, your values that will guide you towards your vision for your business, developing a mindset that sets you up for success, how you deal with complexity and problems that come your way and who you surround yourself with.  Developing your Market dives deep into who your target client is - who is it that allows you to do your best work - and takes you through the PIE model which will assist you in nurturing existing connections to build your future.  Developing your Message  introduces you to the Visibility Hub which drives your entire message.  It explores the three highways that lead you to success and keeps your work flowing.  


Developing Your Business

Typically the Developing Your Business workshop would cost you $750.00.  However, we want to make sure that this is affordable for you so that you can start doing what you love doing and get paid for it.  That's why we've priced this for such a low price.  For each course individually we should be charging at least $300.00 but for a limited time, we want you to get all three courses for that price.  However, if you feel that you only want to take one workshop, we don't want you to miss out either.  That's why we have Developing your Core for only $125.00 for a limited time!  So don't miss out!  

  • The material we covered and the processes we used to cover it were thought provoking with tangible practical applications. The frameworks I have learned will support my business formation effectively.
    Peter - workshop participant
Developing Your Core

Connection with your Self, Tools and Materials

Complexity - Embracing the Unknown

Community - Surround Yourself with the Best People

Developing Your Business

Developing Your Core - Building your foundation

Developing Your Market - Identifying your target client

Developing Your Message - How you can spread the word

Have questions that you want to ask before investing in yourself and your business? Send us an email and we'll make sure that you get the answers you are looking for!